M3GAN Feat. Prince Onyx

Our March episode features horror artist, Prince Onyx, as we review 2023’s M3GAN!

IG: @afrohorror

Twitter: @afrohorrorpod

Website: www.afrohorror.com

Email: info@afrohorror.com

Prince Onyx linktree: 


Anchor FM: 


IG: PrinceoftheGO

IG 2: PrinceofGotham1

IG 3: ConfusionFilmSeries

YouTubes: Prince Onyx

ConfusionFilm Series

PNerdy Films Productionz

TikTok: PrinceoftheGO (Prince Onyx)

Facebook: Prince ONYX

Twitter: PrinceONYXWRLD


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