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Date: July 24, 2019
Website: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120082/reference


After dusk, Windsor College seniors, Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens (Jada Pinkett and Omar Epps) attend a sneak preview of the new film Stab, a film within a film based on the events of the first film. During the movie, Phil drops by the restroom where he eavesdrops on strange whispering noises in the bathroom stall. As he listens closely, a killer in a ghost mask, revealed to be Ghostface, stabs him in the ear, killing him. Ghostface then returns to the screening and sits beside Maureen. Maureen unknowingly thinks it’s Phil trying to scare her until she touches his coat, which is covered in blood. As she studies her hands for a moment, Ghostface fatally stabs her. At first, the audience believes the act to be a publicity stunt until she falls dead in front of the cinema screen.

The following day, the news media, including local journalist Debbie Salt (Laurie Metcalf), descend on Windsor College where Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) now studies alongside her best friend Hallie McDaniel (Elise Neal), her new boyfriend Derek Feldman (Jerry O’Connell), fellow Woodsboro survivor Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy), and Derek’s best friend Mickey Altieri(Timothy Olyphant).

Two other Woodsboro survivors arrive at the campus: officer Dwight “Dewey” Riley (David Arquette) to help Sidney, and reporter Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) to cover the case. Gale tries to stage a confrontation between Sidney and Cotton Weary (Liev Schreiber), who is attempting to gain fame from his exoneration for the murder of Sidney’s mother, Maureen Prescott. After Gale forcibly confronts Sidney with Cotton, Sidney angrily hits Gale on-camera again.

Later that evening, Sidney goes to a party with Hallie. At a sorority house, Ghostface murders fellow student Cici Cooper (Sarah Michelle Gellar). After all the partygoers leave, Ghostface then crashes the party and attacks Sidney, though Derek intervenes. Ghostface injures Derek but Dewey and the police arrive, prompting the killer to flee. The next morning, Gale discusses the case with the police. Upon realizing that Cici’s real name is Casey, she concludes that the new Ghostface is a copycat who targets students who share the same names as the Woodsboro murder victims two years ago.

That afternoon, Gale, Dewey and Randy are talking on the campus lawn when Ghostface calls, hinting that he is watching them. Gale and Dewey decide to search for him while Randy keeps him talking. As Gale and Dewey are looking around the campus, Randy is dragged into Gale’s broadcast van, brutally stabbed to death, and his throat slit by Ghostface.  As night falls, Dewey and Gale review the tape of Ghostface killing Randy hoping to find some clues, but the killer attacks them and supposedly kills Dewey. Gale hides and eventually escapes.

In the wake of the escalating murders, two protective officers drive Sidney and Hallie to a local police station, but Ghostface murders the officers. In the ensuing struggle, Ghostface is knocked unconscious. After they climb out of the car, Sidney insists on unmasking him. When Sidney walks back to the car, she sees that Ghostface has disappeared. Ghostface emerges behind Hallie, stabbing her to death and forcing Sidney to flee.

Sidney goes back to the campus and finds Derek in the auditorium tied to a crucifix, his mouth gagged with duct tape. Sidney begins to untie him when Ghostface arrives. The killer reveals himself to be Mickey and kills Derek. Mickey discusses his plan to become famous in the ensuing trial and media spectacle. He then announces his partner, Debbie Salt, who arrives holding Gale at gunpoint. Sidney discovers that Debbie Salt is actually Billy Loomis’ mother, seeking revenge for her son’s death.

Mickey explains that they met online and that Mrs. Loomis agreed to pay for Mickey’s tuition fee while Mickey does the actual killing – with the exception of Randy, which Mrs. Loomis takes full responsibility for. Mrs. Loomis betrays Mickey and shoots him, as she plans to blame the murders on him. Before he collapses, Mickey accidentally shoots Gale, causing her to fall off the stage. Sidney and Mrs. Loomis fight, until Cotton intervenes and eventually shoots Mrs. Loomis in the throat. As they debate whether or not she is dead, they find Gale still alive. Mickey suddenly jumps to his feet and is fatally shot by Sidney and Gale. Sidney then shoots Mrs. Loomis in the head just in case she wasn’t dead. When the police arrive the next morning, Sidney instructs the press to direct questions to Cotton, rewarding him with the fame he has been chasing while removing the attention from herself as she leaves the university campus.